Terms and conditions of service


1) Object and description of services

The DIY website creation service (hereinafter referred to as "service 1" or "services" when cited in conjunction with another service) or the turnkey website creation service (hereinafter also referred to as "service 2" or services when cited in conjunction with other services) includes:
- service 1: the autonomous creation of a website containing a series of sections suited to the description of the Customer and of services or products offered by him.
- service 2: the creation of a turnkey website containing a series of sections suited to the description of the customer and services or products offered by him.
For the realization of such services, the Supplier can use, at its sole discretion and at its expense, the use of software or plug-ins offered, free or not, by other companies, considered useful for improving the service's performance, respecting the current laws. The post-creation assistance service includes all server update and maintenance operations.

2) Duration, conclusion and withdrawal from the contract

The provision of the services will have duration of 1 (one) years and the term will start from the moment of purchase of the website by the customer, with annual tacit renewal upon expiration, except for the right of withdrawal to be exercised within the term of 60 (days ) days from the deadline. The withdrawal must be made by registered A / R at the registered office of the company to be delivered to Club4business, Via Torre della Catena 227 - 82100 Benevento (BN) ..
The obligations of the Customer in relation to the intellectual property provided therein will continue even after the expiration or termination / termination of this contract.
In case of activation of the one month trial (30 days) related to service 1, the customer can decide to activate the complete service 1 or close his account.

3) Mode for the provision of the service

The Supplier undertakes to supply the software for the realization of the services.
In case of purchase of the "service 2" the presentation of the draft of the Site for approval by the Customer will take place within 15 days of receipt of the textual and photographic material by the Customer. If changes are necessary, these changes as well as online submission will take place within 15 days of receipt of the indications for corrections by the Customer.

4) Approval and delivery

In case of purchase of the "service 1" the customer automatically approves the contents entered during the compilation of its website and can put it online at any time.
In case of realization of the "service 2" as described in point 3 of this contract, the Supplier will submit it to the final approval of the Customer and upon indication of the Customer will only make any corrections and modifications necessary to make the site fully functional and / or comply with the agreed specifications. Following approval, the Supplier will make the site available on-line in its final version.

5) Method of payment

The payment of the service1 is € 99.00. For the "service 2" the cost of the service is 249 €.
A one month trial (30 days) is foreseen for € 0 for service 1 with limitations (second level domain, statistics block, newsletter block, no email). At the end of the 30 days the customer can decide whether to go to service 1 including first level domain (www.miaazienda.com), newsletters, 5 email accounts and statistics.
Payment for services must be made in advance.

Types of payment accepted: Paypal
Services payments must be made online in advance and allow services to be activated.

6) Limitation of liability

The Customer retains full ownership of the published data, assuming all responsibility for their content, with express exemption of the Supplier from any responsibility and burden of assessment and / or control in this regard. The Supplier therefore avoids any responsibility for the published data (with "data" we mean, from now and previously: as a non-exclusive example, photographs, logos, images, texts, videos, audio files, etc.), they are also sensitive. Therefore, the Supplier may take steps to ensure that this does not occur and can not be held responsible in any case for the use of data, delivered and / or requested by the Customer, which are, without the knowledge of the Supplier, covered by copyright. The Customer uses the services at his own risk, The Supplier is not liable to any party for legal / civil or administrative litigation, indirect, specific, incidental, punitive, cautionary or consequential damages (for example but not exclusive: damage in case of impossibility of use or access to services, loss or corruption of data, profits, customers, business interruptions or similar), caused by the use or inability to use the services and based on any assumption of responsibility including the breach of contract, negligence, or otherwise, even if the Supplier has been advised of the possibility of such damages and in the event that a clause provided for by this contract has not been remedied. The Supplier can not be held responsible for brief malfunctions of the services, caused by technical problems on machines, servers, routers, telephone lines, telematic networks, etc. his property or companies selected to offer services. Service malfunctions, data loss, accidental dissemination of sensitive data, and any other type of damage occurred as a result of attacks by hackers, thieves, hackers, crackers, viruses, etc. are not attributable to the Supplier. The Supplier does not assume any responsibility for disruptions, interruptions of services and / or damages due to force majeure such as accidents, fires, explosions, strikes, lockouts, earthquakes, disasters, floods and other similar events that prevent, in all or in part, to comply with the terms of the contract in the times or in the manner agreed upon. The Supplier is not responsible for the malfunctioning of the services due to non-conformity and / or obsolescence of the equipment of which the Customer or third parties are equipped. The Supplier can not guarantee the Customer secure revenues deriving from the exploitation of the services. In the event that the Customer made changes of any kind to the services offered (by way of indication but not exclusive: changes to the code, the disposition of directories and / or files, file names, etc.), the Supplier can not be considered responsible for any damages or malfunctions. If the Customer requests assistance in resolving damages caused by him or by third parties, the rates in use by the Supplier during the current period will be applied. If a limitation, exclusion, restriction or other provision contained in this contract is held to be null and void for any reason by a competent court and the Supplier becomes consequently liable for loss or damage, such liability, in the contract, civil or other, can not exceed the list price applied by the Supplier for the type of product.

7) License terms

Through this contract the Supplier assigns to the Customer a non-exclusive right to use the supplied software. The Customer is authorized to:
a) use of the software until the expiration of the present contract;
b) allow the use of the software to third parties within the limits of what is permitted by normal web browsing (without thereby giving access to source files or other).
The Customer is not authorized to:
a) use the software for the provision of services in favor of third parties;
b) modify the software in any part, none excluded;
c) access the software sources for any purpose (including that of copying, reusing, etc.);
d) transmit or provide access to the software sources to third parties;
e) sub-license, rent, sell, rent, distribute or otherwise transfer the software or part of it.

8) Copyright and property

The supply of the software does not imply for the Customer the ownership of the software itself, but the assignment of the right of use in accordance with the terms indicated therein. The software and attached documentation are products owned exclusively by the Supplier and are internationally protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.
9) Competent court
For any legal controversy arising from the application, interpretation and / or execution of the service supply contract, the Court closest to the service provider will be exclusively competent.
Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles. 1341 - 1342 c.c. the contractors, by purchasing the services, expressly approve:
1) Object and description of the services; 2) Duration, conclusion and withdrawal from the contract;
3) Mode for the provision of the service; 4) Approval and delivery; 5) Method of payment;
6) Limitation of liability; 7) License terms; 8) Copyright and property; 9) Competent court.

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